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Once upon a time this community was for the members of GothicAuctions.com (RIP). Now the community exists to help you sell & buy your dark & spooky goodies, wether you sell on eBay, GothAuctions.com (highly recommended!), etsy or wherever!

Please note the folowing:

+ This community is for selling, buying and discussing goth/dark/horror/spooky themed items only!

+ Try to keep advertisements short and to the point. Keep long listings and any more than one image behind an LJ cut. If you're not sure how to do an LJ cut, please see the FAQ. It's easy peasy!

+ If reporting on a transaction, good or bad, keep it factual, to the point and with as little drama as possible. Drama isn't cool boils and ghouls. And LJ drama definitely isn't cool. Name calling, insults, ignorance and all that crap isn't necessary nor wanted.

+ Feel free to make 'wanted' posts! Someone out there in LJ land might just have it available for you.

+ No advertising of other communities or things that aren't relevant to the community. And keep in mind that this is a goth based community. Posts advertising auctions/items that aren't goth/dark in nature will be deleted.

+ Last but not least (for now).. have fun babies! Oh and buy & sell oodles!

This community is owned and moderated by vampress. Find some love in your black little hearts for it's previous owner, sanguinia.